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List view record 1: The bad weather friendList view anchor tag for record 1: The bad weather friend
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The bad weather friend

Koontz, Dean R. (Dean Ray), 1945-2024
Benny Catspaw's perpetually sunny disposition is tested when he loses his job, his reputation, his fianceĢe, and his favourite chair. He's not paranoid. Someone is out to get him. He just doesn't know who or why. Then Benny receives an inheritance from an uncle he's never heard of: a giant crate ...
List view record 2: The Book of DoorsList view anchor tag for record 2: The Book of Doors
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The Book of Doors

Brown, Gareth2024
Bookseller Cassie Andrews is living an unassuming life when she is given a gift by a favourite customer - an unusual book, full of strange writing and mysterious drawings. And at the very front there's a handwritten message to Cassie, telling her that this is the Book of Doors. What Cassie is abo...
List view record 3: BrideList view anchor tag for record 3: Bride
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Hazelwood, Ali2024
Misery Lark, the only daughter of the most powerful Vampyre councilman of the Southwest, is an outcast - again. Her days of living in anonymity among the Humans are over: she has been called upon to uphold a historic peacekeeping alliance between the Vampyres and their mortal enemies, the Weres, ...
List view record 4: ClytemnestraList view anchor tag for record 4: Clytemnestra
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Casati, Costanza, 1995-2024
Huntress. Warrior. Mother. Murderess. Queen. You are born to a king, but marry a tyrant. You stand helplessly as he sacrifices your child to placate the gods. You watch him wage war on a foreign shore and comfort yourself with violent thoughts of your own. You play the part, fooling enemies who d...
List view record 5: A death in diamondsList view anchor tag for record 5: A death in diamonds
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A death in diamonds

Bennett, Sophia, 1966-2024
1957 - A young woman is found dead in a mews house a mile from Buckingham Palace, wearing only silk underwear and a a diamond tiara. An older man is discovered nearby, garrotted and pierced through the eye with a long, sharp implement. According to the police, a high society card game was going o...
List view record 6: EarthList view anchor tag for record 6: Earth
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Boyne, John, 1971-2024
It's the tabloid sensation of the year: two well-known footballers standing in the dock, charged with sexual assault, a series of vile text messages pointing towards their guilt. As the trial unfolds, Evan Keogh reflects on the events that have led him to this moment. Since leaving his island hom...
List view record 7: Emerald and the lost treasureList view anchor tag for record 7: Emerald and the lost treasure
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Emerald and the lost treasure

Muncaster, Harriet2024
Emerald's class are spending the day sea combing - picking up human rubbish that ends up on the ocean floor. When Emerald finds a precious teddy lying in a clump of seaweed, she's tempted to keep it for herself, but the tag says it belongs to a human called Jack. Emerald asks her land-loving frie...
List view record 8: Everyone on this train is a suspectList view anchor tag for record 8: Everyone on this train is a suspect
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List view record 9: FaeboundList view anchor tag for record 9: Faebound
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El-Arifi, Saara2024
A thousand years ago, the world held three beings: fae, elves, and humans. But now the fae and humans exist only in myth and legend, survived by the elves who are trapped in an endless war over the remaining lands. Yeeran is a colonel in the elven army and has known nothing but a life of violence...
List view record 10: The fox wifeList view anchor tag for record 10: The fox wife
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The fox wife

Choo, Yangsze2024
Manchuria, 1908: A young woman is found frozen in the snow. Her death is clouded by rumours of foxes, believed to lure people into peril by transforming into beautiful women and men. Bao, a detective with a reputation for sniffing out the truth, is hired to uncover the dead woman's identity. Sinc...
List view record 11: Frank and RedList view anchor tag for record 11: Frank and Red
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Frank and Red

Coyne, Matt2024
Sometimes, the friend you need is the one you never saw coming. Frank and Red are a mess. Frank is a grumpy old curmudgeon. A recluse whose only company is the 'ghost' of his dead wife, Marcie. He is estranged from his friends, his son, and the ever-changing world beyond his front gate. And then ...
List view record 12: The gatheringList view anchor tag for record 12: The gathering
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The gathering

Tudor, C. J.2024
In a small Alaskan town, a boy is found with his throat ripped out and the blood drained from his body. The brutality of the murder chillingly echoes a killing from twenty-five years ago. Out-of-state Barbara Atkins is brought in to assist the sheriff, Jensen Tucker, who investigated the original...
List view record 13: The happiest ever afterList view anchor tag for record 13: The happiest ever after
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The happiest ever after

Johnson, Milly2024
Polly Potter is surviving, not thriving. She used to love her job - until her mentor died and her new boss decided to make her life hell. She used to love her partner Chris - until he cheated on her, and now she can't forget. The only place where her life is working is on the pages of the novel s...
List view record 14: Happiness fallsList view anchor tag for record 14: Happiness falls
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Happiness falls

Kim, Angie, 1969-2024
We didn't call the police right away. Later, I would blame myself, wonder if things might have turned out differently if I hadn't shrugged it off, insisting Dad wasn't missing missing but just delayed, probably still in the woods looking for Eugene. Mia Parkson's life is turned upside down when h...
List view record 15: Happy placeList view anchor tag for record 15: Happy place
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Happy place

Henry, Emily2024
Harriet and Wyn are the perfect couple - they go together like bread and butter, gin and tonic, Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds. Every year for the past decade, they have run away from their lives to drink far too much wine and soak up the sea air with their favourite people in the world. Except t...
List view record 16: Isadora Moon helps outList view anchor tag for record 16: Isadora Moon helps out
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Isadora Moon helps out

Muncaster, Harriet2024
When Isadora's mum gets fairy flu, Isadora is determined to be the best nurse possible. But Isadora's attempts to help go a bit wrong, and she accidentally makes baby sister Honeyblossom magically grow to giant proportions! Can she find a cure before the situation gets even bigger?
List view record 17: The island swimmerList view anchor tag for record 17: The island swimmer
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The island swimmer

Kelly, Lorraine2024
When Evie's father falls desperately ill, she finally returns to the family home on Orkney and the wild landscape she left as a teenager, swearing never to return. Not everyone is happy at her arrival, particularly her estranged sister Liv, their relationship broken after a childhood trauma. As E...
List view record 18: The last wordList view anchor tag for record 18: The last word
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The last word

Griffiths, Elly2024
Natalka and Edwin, whom we met in 'The Postscript Murders', are running a detective agency in Shoreham, Sussex. Despite a steady stream of minor cases, Natalka is frustrated, longing for a big juicy case such as murder to come the agency's way. Natalka is now living with dreamer, Benedict. But he...
List view record 19: Levitation for beginnersList view anchor tag for record 19: Levitation for beginners
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Levitation for beginners

Dunn, Suzannah, 1963-2024
It's 1972 and ten-year-old Deborah is living a ten-year-old life: butterscotch angel delight and Raleigh chopper bikes, and Clunk Click, and Crackajack and Jackanory, Layla and the Bee Gees, flares and ponchos. But new girl Sarah-Jayne breezes into school, pretty as a picture and full of gossip a...
List view record 20: The lifelineList view anchor tag for record 20: The lifeline
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The lifeline

Page, Libby2024
For Kate, having a newborn baby means she is almost never alone. But that doesn't mean she isn't lonely. The move from London to Somerset with her husband Jay was supposed be the start of an exciting new chapter. But sometimes she can't help but wonder if she turned the pages too soon. Phoebe Har...
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