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Anything to declare?

Frost, Jon2015
In more than twenty years, Jon Frost has worked with the mad, the bad, the brave, the stupid, the spectacular and the heroic. In Jon's time as a uniformed officer he seized presidential aircraft, a working tank, cars, lorries, boats and coffins; and uncovered wild animals, killer snakes, bush meat, animal porn, poisonous vodka, dodgy medicine, bootleg prescriptions, pirated pills, toxic alcohol, firearms, side-arms, swords, explosives, stolen gold, dirty money, blood diamonds, child pornography and every drug known to man and a few as yet unknown ones. And the dead? He searched them too. When you've confiscated everything from a suitcase full human hair to a live monkey hidden in the lining of someone's overcoat, you know you can never return to a normal line of work. But then Jon went into plain clothes and undercover customs work and things became really interesting.
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London : Constable, 2015.
344 pages ; 20 cm
9781472109422 (pbk)
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Anything to declare? [electronic resource] : the searching tales of an HM customs officer
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