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Sins of the flesh

McCullough, Colleen, 1937-2014
It's August 1969 in the sleepy college town of Holloman, Connecticut, and police Captain Carmine Delmonico is away on vacation. Back at home, first 1, then 2 anonymous male corpses turn up-emaciated and emasculated. After connecting the victims to 4 other bodies, Sergeant Delia Carstairs and Lieutenant Abe Goldberg realize that Holloman has a psychopathic killer on the loose. Luckily, Carmine decides to come back from vacation early and Carmine's team begins to circle a trio of eccentrics, who readily admit to knowing all the victims, but their stories keep changing. When another vicious murder rocks Holloman, Carmine faces the revelation that two killers are at large with completely different modus operandi even as he barely escapes being next in the body count.
Main title:
Sins of the flesh / Colleen McCullough.
London : Harper, 2014.
400 pages ; 18 cm
Originally published: New York: Simon & Schuster, 2013.
9780007522811 (pbk)
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