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Bayonets along the border

Wilcox, John, 1931-2014
North West India, 1897. Simon and Alice Fonthill are travelling with their old friend Jenkins to Marden, India for an anniversary party with the Guides Corps. But when they are ambushed on their journey, they realise that the land may not be as peaceful as they first believed. On arrival at Marden their suspicions are confirmed when they are told of fresh trouble from the Pathans leading Simon and Jenkins join the charge to protect a nearby Fort. Their respite is short-lived when Simon is tasked by Viceroy Elgin to deliver a very important letter to the Amir in Kabul; it is agreed that Alice will accompany them as far as fort Landi Kotal in the Khyber Pass. With Simon in Kabul, the Pathans attack the Pass and Alice is kidnapped by the Mullah leading the revolt.
Main title:
London : Allison & Busby, 2014.
381 pages ; 20 cm.
Series title:
9780749016975 (pbk)
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