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Mitchell, Dreda Say2014
Two murders. Two different crime scenes. One killer? Mac wakes in an smashed-up hotel room with no recollection of what has happened. With his lover's corpse in the bathroom and the evidence suggesting that he killed her, Mac is on a mission to uncover the truth and find the real killer. But he's in a race against time with less than a day to unravel the mystery. Still reeling from a personal tragedy Mac isn't afraid of pain. Hot on his heels is tenacious Detective Inspector Rio Wray. Double-crossed and in the line of fire, Mac has to swim through a sea of lies to get to the truth. But only Mac knows he's been living a double life. Can he be sure he doesn't have the blood of a dead woman on his hands?
Main title:
Vendetta / Dreda Say Mitchell.
London : Hodder, 2014.
402 pages ; 20 cm
9781444789430 (pbk)
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