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The secret of magic

Johnson, Deborah, 1958-2015
In 1946 Regina Robichard is a rarity. A young New York civil rights lawyer, working for Thurgood Marshall, Reggie stumbles across a letter asking her boss to investigate the case of a young black soldier whose body had been found floating in the river in Mississippi. It fires her zeal. For Reggie, justice is not the only draw to this case. The letter is signed by the reclusive M.P. Calhoun, author of one of the most banned books in the country, a book Regie loved as a child, about the friendship between three children, black and white, a magical forest - and a murder. Regie has just three weeks in the South to investigate. But once down in Mississippi, amid the intoxicating landscape of cotton fields and lush plantations, Reggie not only finds herself further away from New York that she had ever imagined, but walking directly into M.P. Calhoun's book, a place where more than one type of justice exists.
Main title:
The secret of magic / Deborah Johnson.
UK : Penguin Books, 2015.
341 pages ; 20 cm
Originally published: United States: Amy Einhorn Books, 2014.
9780241968932 (pbk)
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