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Scorpion sunset

Collier, Catrin2015
1916, Mesopotamia. The Turks order prisoners from the siege of Kut to march the hundreds of miles to Baghdad. The men are weak from starvation after the five-month siege, with many suffering from dysentery, scabies and malaria. They have no medical supplies - and then the hot weather begins. Hundreds of men die on the march, the stragglers killed by Arab tribesmen; those too ill to move are left behind to die. Soon, though, the tide of war turns, and eventually the British march victorious into Baghdad. But having taken control of Mesopotamia, the British find they do not have the resources to govern it. What will be the country's fate?
Main title:
Scorpion sunset / Catrin Collier.
Abercynon : Accent Press Ltd, 2015.
385 pages ; 20 cm.
Series title:
9781783756711 (pbk)
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