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Our secrets and lies

Moriarty, Sinéad2018
Lucy Murphy has one goal in life - to make sure that her twins get a better start than she did. Having been abandoned by their father early in her pregnancy, and forced to walk away from a glittering future as a lawyer, she has vowed that nothing will block her children's dreams. She never talks about the past - only what lies ahead. So when the twins get an opportunity to move to a prestigious school all Lucy sees is the fulfilment of every wish she's ever had for them. But maybe Lucy is confusing her thwarted ambitions with what her daughter and son really want. After all, like all 17-year-olds they have their own ideas about their lives, ideas they can't share with their mother. Loving them as fiercely as she does, Lucy is blind to the risks of forcing her vision on her children. Until it's almost too late.
Main title:
Our secrets and lies / Sinéad Moriarty.
Dublin : Penguin Ireland, 2018.
352 pages ; 24 cm
9781844884056 (pbk. :)
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